Presented by Maulwurf – Gifts from nature

Here children spend with their families an adventure day around the natural treasures of our earth. In our Maulwurfland in the hall A4 they dive with our hands-on activities actively into the realm of the prehistoric times. Also ideal for a visit to a kindergarten or school class.

Here are the various offers for the children explained:

Pan for gold

Embark on a new adventure with the experienced gold seekers. They explain the technique of gold washing. With a little luck and equipped with a gold pan you will find a real gold nugget.

WhatHowWhere Free of charge, duration: approx. 15 minutes, booth A4.441

Grind gems

How does a stone become a shiny piece of jewelery? With the gemstone grinders you get expert tips and you can grind your own stone under the guidance. You can take your artwork home afterwards—for you or as a gift.

WhatHowWhere Cost: about 3 euros per stone, recommended from about 4—5 years, duration: about 30 minutes, booth A4.451


Together with the Museum Mensch und Natur in Munich we have developed a rally for you. With exciting questions you will be guided through the world of minerals, fossils and gems. You learn in a playful way something about the themes of primeval times, nature and the environment and collects a lot of impressions. Who answers all questions correctly, participates in the raffle of great prizes.

WhatHowWhere Free, recommended from approx. 6 years (different age groups), duration: approx. 60 minutes, questionnaires are available in the east entrance, delivery is in hall A4, booth A4.459

Soapstone carving

You want to carve your own artwork? Then you are exactly right here. The soft soapstone can be worked very easily. Maybe you already have an idea for a nice gift for your parents or grandparents?

WhatHowWhere Cost: about 5 euros, recommended from 5 years, duration: about 30—60 minutes, booth A4.431

Sieving shark teeth

Sharks have a lot of teeth due to their turret bit. That is why relatively often fossil teeth of extinct sharks are found. Take a little time and try your luck—with a shovel and sieve in the big sandpit.

WhatHowWhere Free, duration: until the other kids want to get in, booth A4.430

Stamp dinosaur tracks

Who was here? Do you recognize these footprints? You are one of the fascinating primeval giants who you can also admire in the special show and in the atrium of the fair. Slip into the role of dinosaurs yourself and leave your mark on the sand.

WhatHowWhere Free, duration: until the other children also want to get started

Sieving gemstones

Here you become a treasure hunter! In the huge sandbox many small surprises await you. Grab a sieve and work shovel by shovel through the sand mountains.

WhatHowWhere Free, duration: until the other children also want to get started, booth A4.450

Split fossils

Have you ever found a real fossil, a fossilized animal or fossilized plant? Here with us you have the opportunity. Because in our limestone slabs you may find little fish or crayfish. Of course, you may take home your own find.

WhatHowWhere Price per kilo, recommended from 6 years, duration approx. 30 minutes, sbooth A4.348

Tinker at the gemstone bar

Whether tying or tinker chains: At the gemstone bar you can choose stones in all colors and shapes. With your wealth of ideas and your skillful fingers will certainly create great works of art.

WhatHowWhere Cost: about 5 euros per action, duration: about 30 minutes, sbooth A4.460

Munich lucky stone wheel

Everybody should try their luck here: Just turn the colorful wheel and keep your fingers crossed. Maybe you win something nice! The proceeds from Glückssteinstand come to the foundation ANTENNE BAYERN helps.

WhatHowWhere Cost: 1 Euro per rotation, booth A4.466

Children’s lectures in Forum Minerale

Nils Knötschke, Scientific Director Dinopark Münchehagen: “Dino hunting in the Harz”. Anna Reith: “Stone search in dizzying heights: adventure of a spotlight”.

WhatHowWhere Free, Forum Minerale, times to be announced