Seeking treasures, experiencing adventures, discovering and understanding the world with your own hands—that is the most beautiful thing for children! The Munich Show—Mineralientage Munich offers its small visitors this year again in many children’s actions opportunity to explore the nature and its secrets in a playful way.

Fossils split

Real fossils uncover like the scientists on their excavations! Wyoming slabs hide million-year-old small and larger fish. High tension and big eyes are guaranteed here.

Recommended from 6 years; Price per kilo; Duration approx. 30 min.

Pan for gold

An adventure for young and old, where experienced gold seekers explain the technique of gold washing. With a gold pan, patience and a little luck you can find a real gold nugget. The gold rush is written in the face of the children: under the direction of Isabella Jahn and Lux Schmidwenzl, they are highly focused on their luck!

Free; Duration approx. 15 min.

Shark teeth & gems seven

Not as well known as panning for gold—but at least as exciting—is the sifting for gems. Full of concentration, shovel after blade is examined for the noble treasures. When a find succeeds, the eyes light up and the cheers are great!

Free; Duration: Until it gets boring ;-)

Soapstone carving

Carving your own figures out of stones is unusual and probably makes fun of the children at the Munich Show—Mineralientage München. The soapstone carving has long been one of the most popular attractions for the little ones. That’s why they like to get together so that everyone can take home their self-carved artwork at the end of a long day at the fair.

Recommended from 5 years; Approximately 3—6 EUR, depending on size; Duration approx. 30-60 min.

Grasping stones

… is an action that allows visually impaired and sighted people to literally “grasp” the world of stones from angular pyrite to soft soapstone. The stone-graspers from the couple Schwinghammer, who brought this beautiful action to life, are best looked after. In addition to selected minerals and fossils, there are descriptive texts in Braille for intensive study of the objects. By the way, the escorts of blind and visually impaired people with a “B” stamp in their passport have free admission to the event!

Free; Duration approx. 30 min.

Make chains & make treasure chests

Creativity is in demand here: Andrea Schmalzl from the RelaxKids brings back her gemstone bar, where you can choose your favorite stones out of many colors and shapes. So you can tie up your own chains or make a small chest for your treasures!

Recommended from 4—5 years; From 5 EUR; Duration approx. 30 min.

Grind gems

Lovers like real gemstone engravers can watch the little visitors of the Munich Show under the supervision of Günther Kammermayer in Hall A5. With the help of their imagination and expert tips they create small works of art to take home.

Recommended from about 4—5 years; Approximately 3 EUR per rock, duration approx. 5 min.