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Living Unique: Presented by KARE Design

We present you in our exclusive interior design special area for natural treasures decoration and furnishing accessories in a unique living environment. At the Munich Show—Mineralientage München the selection of suitable objects for the living trend “nature” is great: Depending on your taste and budget, you can choose small accessories, furniture or lamps as well […]

Collector’s cabinets, collector’s passion

From collectors—for collectors. According to this motto, around 30 international collectors once again present their affectionately themed showcases to the public—a real highlight for all mineral fans! Günter Weizenegger: Herkimer USA (A5.SV01) Klaus Ludwig: Not just quartz—accompanying minerals on quartz crystals (A5.SV02) Michael Klosterhuber: Simply discarded minerals (Container Fund 2017) (A5.SV03) Günter Helbig: Gwindeln—Diary of […]


Zugspitze: The fallen summit

This year, the Bavarian State Office for the Environment is showing exciting insights into the history of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, at its stand in Hall A6. After analysing the soil around the Eibsee lake at the foot of the colossus, one thing is certain: around 3,000 years ago, the summit was about 70 […]

Children’s Activities: Discovering Nature

Seeking treasures, experiencing adventures, discovering and understanding the world with your own hands—that is the most beautiful thing for children! The Munich Show—Mineralientage Munich offers its small visitors this year again in many children’s actions opportunity to explore the nature and its secrets in a playful way. Fossils split Real fossils uncover like the scientists […]


Elements: The beauty of chemistry

It looks complicated and looks anything but aesthetic: The Periodic table represents all chemical elements with increasing nuclear charge (atomic number) and according to their chemical properties in periods as well as major and minor groups. With the special exhibition “Elements” we want to show the beauty that is hidden behind the abbreviations and formulas! […]

Young Designers Corner

For many years, the jewelry competition “Young Designers Corner” has been a high-caliber platform for young creative people to think outside the box and compete with international up-and-coming designers. Many of the award-winning participants since 2012 have meanwhile built up their own collections and brands or are working as designers with well-known labels. The finalists […]

Living Unique: Art & Design

Eine Welt der Inspiration! Real natural treasures are unique testimonies to the evolution of our earth. Just as natural building materials are used to increase the feel-good character of a house, minerals, fossils and stone objects of art are in great demand, in order to express the bond with nature but also to feel it […]