Adventure trip for families


Children Actions

Nature to touch

Presented by Maulwurf – Gifts from nature Here children spend with their families an adventure day around the natural treasures of our earth. In our Maulwurfland in the hall A4 they dive with our hands-on activities actively into the…
Do it yourself, Do it yourself, Gemstones

Jewelry design workshops: Presented by Chili Creative

Designing a new piece of jewelery yourself, reworking an old necklace into a modern choker and bracelet or extending a chain that is too short in a few simple steps: The most important techniques can be learned this year in the Jewelry…


Hands-on activities

Children's Activities: Discovering Nature

Seeking treasures, experiencing adventures, discovering and understanding the world with your own hands—that is the most beautiful thing for children! The Munich Show—Mineralientage Munich offers its small visitors this year again in…

Forum Minerale: Lecture program

A varied programme of lectures, films and events awaits you in the lecture area in Hall A5 during the Munich Show. to the program hall A5