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Collector's showcases

This year everything is a bit different than usual. All the more reason for us to be pleased to be able to present you an important part of the Munich Show this year again: our collector's showcases. Collectors are looking forward to presenting…
Highlight, Meteorites

Germany's largest stone meteorite "Blaubeuren

In July 2020, a rock became a media star in Germany after the Meteoritical Society, the international organisation of meteorite researchers, recognised it as a meteorite. Now the meteorite with the official name "Blaubeuren" can be admired live…



Collecting at the Munich Show: Tips & Tricks for beginners

Where do I start? Anyone who is interested in collecting, but has no idea where to start, can contact the stands of various minerals clubs on site, such as the "Münchner Mineralienfreunde e.V.", who are happy to assist with helpful tips.…

Minerals Treasures of the Earth

We all have once admired specially shaped and structured stones while walking or walking, or perhaps even brought along and collected as a child. The secret behind it is the unimaginable time of over 4 billion (4,000,000,000) years in which…

Fossils from prehistoric times to icon

Easy to find and at the same time a fascinating starting point for young and old is the fossil section of the Munich Show in Hall A4. The fossilized remains of dinosaurs and their contemporaries are among the visitor magnets of most natural…
Special Exhibition

Who collects, writes history

Special Exhibition Minerals Whoever collects, writes history. Under this beautiful theme, the main special show in Hall A6 this year presents the diversity, motivation and fulfillment of mineral collection. Representing the many private…
Special Exhibition

Sauropod baby "Toni"

Special Exhibition Fossils All fossil fans can look forward to a real highlight this year: The sauropod baby "Toni" is the best preserved specimen of a young long-necked dinosaur and is one of the sensational discoveries of paleontology. "Toni"…
Der Strahler Patrick Reith beim Mineraliensuchen unter einem Gletscher
Special Exhibition

The history of Swiss treasure hunters

Special Exhibition Alpin Blasting has a long tradition in Switzerland. In the Alps, various minerals such as smoky quartz, mountain crystal or fluorite are hidden. For generations, adventurers have gone to dizzying heights in search of…

Meteorite Expert Meeting

Sky stones Meteorite fans and their treasures have a special place on the Munich Show for some years: The extraterrestrial origin of the meteorites, their spectacular cases and the often adventurous circumstances of their finds provide…
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Forum Minerale

Lecture program In the lecture area Hall A5 offers a varied program of lectures, Films and events during the Munich Show. Here is a selection this year's lectures: Dr. Bernhard Graf, curator, art historian & freelance author: "Jewels…



Collector's cabinets, collector's passion

From collectors—for collectors. According to this motto, around 30 international collectors once again present their affectionately themed showcases to the public—a real highlight for all mineral fans! Günter Weizenegger: Herkimer…

Zugspitze: The fallen summit

This year, the Bavarian State Office for the Environment is showing exciting insights into the history of the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain, at its stand in Hall A6. After analysing the soil around the Eibsee lake at the foot…

Forum Minerale: Lecture program

A varied programme of lectures, films and events awaits you in the lecture area in Hall A5 during the Munich Show. to the program hall A5
Special Exhibition

The stone that fell from the sky

The Meteorite of Mauerkirchen is the largest stone meteorite that has fallen on formerly Bavarian territory. That was 250 years ago, on November 20, 1768. At that time, the scholars puzzled over where this fallen stone from the air came…
Special Exhibition

Elements: The beauty of chemistry

It looks complicated and looks anything but aesthetic: The Periodic table represents all chemical elements with increasing nuclear charge (atomic number) and according to their chemical properties in periods as well as major and minor groups.…