Assortment of the MUNICH SHOW

Minerals, fossils, meteorites, specialist literature, teaching aids and accessories

World of Minerals

Nowhere in Europe do so many dealers of natural treasures meet as at the MUNICH SHOW.
Whether rhodochrosite, tourmaline, rock crystal or solid silver: every passionate collector, but also every beginner, will find their personal treasure here.
“Best of Minerals” area, dealers with the most exclusive collector’s minerals exhibit their latest findsespecially precious and rare mineral specimens. 

Minerals as a design object

Also interior design objects made of stone or gemstones for therapy applications.
There is a large selection of wellness and beauty products at the fair.

World of Fossils 

You can marvel at and buy a large selection of fossils from all over the world at the MINERALIENTAGE MÜNCHEN:
Ammonites, fossilised plants, fossil wood, amber and dinosaur boneswhether for your own
collection or as a decorative highlight in your own four walls.

World of Meteorites

Several exhibitors with rare meteorite finds come to the MINERALIENTAGE MÜNCHEN every year.
finds such as the Stubenberg meteoriteoften spectacularly stagedcan be seen, but also small fragments that anyone can afford.

Those who want to discuss the topic more intensively can meet real specialists at the stand of the meteorite expertsmeeting. 

Specialist literature, teaching aids and accessories

There is a wide range of specialist literature on the subject of minerals, fossils, meteorites and gemstones.
You can visit the most important specialist publishers at the fair.

All accessories for collecting or working with natural treasures (showcases, microscopes or excavation tools)
as well as teaching materials for schools can also be purchased from numerous exhibitors.