Gemstones, jewelry, works of art, tools and supplies.


Million-year-old mineral crystals develop intense colors and an individual beauty when they are cut and polished to perfection.

Each colored gemstone is unique and can be used to adorn exceptional pieces of jewelry.
They may be diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds, or more contemporary Paraiba tourmalines,
spinels or aquamarines. At Gemworld you will find them all, in all colors and shades.


Exclusive jewelry creations, traditional art jewelry and on trend designs – they can all be found at GEMWORLD.

This is where you will find everything the jewelry market has to offer.

Trade professionals and members of the public can choose from gemstone jewelry,
gold and silver pieces, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.

Works of art made of gemstones

Visitors will be impressed by the perfection and filigree details of the fantastic animal figures,
cameos and family crests, so artfully handcrafted by gemstone engravers.

Special interest literature, teaching resources, tools and supplies

GEMWORLD exhibitors also supply all the ingredients for a successful business: shop fittings,
packaging, state-of-the-art technologies, tools, special interest literature and other supplies.

Visitors can also find out about studying jewelry design, gemstone engraving, goldsmithing and gemology from the
design academies and vocational schools exhibiting at the show.