Geo-Rallye Winners 2022

Excitement, the time has come! We have drawn the winners of this year’s GeoRally at the Munich Show 2022.
There are three fantastic trips to dino parks to be won.

 If you want to know who won, watch the video – or read about it here:

A trip to the Dino Parque Lorinha in Portugal:

The winning ticket number is:

      A trip to the dinosaur museum Altmühltal

      The winning ticket number is:

      A trip in the Dinopark Teufelsschlucht

      The winning ticket number is:

      Other prizes:

      An Einstein box was won by:

      – Lot number 06-163-08

      – Lot number 06-153-08

      – lot number 09-163-13

      – Lot number 06-162-08

      A mineral box has won

      – Lot number 14-220-99

      A gemstone box has won:

      – Lot number 09-264-13

      A mining kit has won:

      – Lot number 06-238-08


      Congratulations to all winners! Please write to and send us your address for sending the prize and a photo of the section with the lot number. Everything else then by mail.

      Note: All prizes not claimed by November 10, 2022 will be re-drawn.  

      Thank you also to all others for your eager participation and guessing. We are already looking forward to next year!

      Your Munich Show