Highlights der MUNICH SHOW



At the MUNICH SHOW you can also experience the fascination of natural and cultural treasures in our extensive supporting programme:
Whether it’s a special mineralogical or cultural-historical show, unique fossil finds, expert lectures, collector showcases or
exciting activities for childrenwith the
MINERALIENTAGE MÜNCHEN and GEMWORLD MUNICH, the MUNICH SHOW is an exciting destination for collectors,
scientists, families, dealers and trend scouts.

Every year, our event team works with special commitment to bring unique natural and
cultural treasures from all over the world, which are otherwise kept behind closed doors, to Munich and thus make them visible to everyone.  
We present some of the highlights here: 

Highlights of the MUNICH SHOW 2022

In 2022, the special show "Magic of Stones" will present unique cultural treasures and top specimens

Finally, THE MUNICH SHOW is back in its usual size: 900 exhibitors on 50,000 square meters,
an unprecedented special show, exciting lectures and entertaining live dino acts.

After the fair last year only in reduced size take place and only a first foretaste of “The magic of the stones” could be given, the “Mineralientage” Munich run up now again to old form. Even more: mineral collectors, Cultural historians and gem dealers are full of anticipation to finally be able to show their treasures again and bring their most beautiful pieces to the fair…

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Dinosaurs at the Munich Show! ... in their world you would be just a snack!

Dinosaurs are among the most mysterious animals that have ever lived on Earth.
Over millions of years, these huge animals conquered the land and, as we know today, the water as well.

Everyone knows the most famous of them: Tyrannosaurs rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Spinosaurus!
But how do we keep discovering new information about these ancient and long extinct animals? we will answer these questions in our four exciting themed lectures at Dino Camp!

Immerse yourself in a long-forgotten world and unravel some of the last great mysteries of the dinosaurs together with our paleontologist!

The Dino Researcher Lectures at the Munich Show: at the Dino Researcher Camp in the JURASSIC ZONE! In the courtyard between hall A4 & A3.

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Special activities for children: walking dinos, fossils to touch, gold panning and much more...

This year, there is a very special highlight for the whole family at the Munich exhibition center: In the Jurassic Zone, “real” dinos walk through the halls, jeeps and characters like in the Jurassic Park movies can be admired. There are lectures, dino shows and the world premiere of important new fossil finds. Finally back in their old size are the popular children’s activities: gold panning, pyrite tapping, fossil splitting or gemstone sifting. The children can take all their finds home with them.

Review of the MUNICH SHOW 2021

Expert evaluation with Star- art dealer Julian Schmitz-Avila

The well-known art and antiques dealer Julian Schmitz-Avila from the famous ZDF TV-show “Bares for Rares” analyses the visitors’ jewelery every day of the fair from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. If you are Interested, you can apply in advance to ak@seasons-finearts.de with your objects for an expert analysis.

Gemworld Connect

Gemworld Connect is our restricted-access exhibition area aimed at trade visitors from the jewelry and watch industry.

Special show with top collector’s items from the USA

True to the motto of this year’s Mineral Days “The Magic of Stones”, the special show is dedicated to fascinating top collector’s items, on loan from the renowned Harvard University in Boston.

Bigger than T.rex: Spinosaurus!

Visit our GIANT dinosaur star guest at the Munich Show 2021!
Before we can imagine a dinosaur in its lifetime and be able to reconstruct the prehistoric animal, real “bone-work” takes place in the truest sense of the word.
On the picture: the skeleton of this year’s Munich Show star guest is excavated in the Moroccan desert in 2018!

The Munich Show Kids 2021
“Research Camp to Go”!
Where: Hall A5, Booth: A5.731

We will be there for you in 2021 too!
The popular activities at the Munich Show will also be available in 2021.
Make yourself, your friends or relatives happy with our cool “To-Go” offers!
Our well-known & popular “Researchers & Discoverers” campaigns:
Finding fossils, sifting gemstones, panning for gold, splitting fossil plates and knocking pyrite are all part of the “Research Camp to Go” this year!
You will find our “Research Camp” in hall A5 (booth: A5.731).
Our team is waiting for you with great “To-Go” offers.
We have prepared some nice surprises:
It’s definitely worth stopping by!
Activities for all: small and large dinosaur experts and prehistoric researchers!