In 2022, the special show “Magic of Stones” will present unique cultural treasures and top specimen

Finally, THE MUNICH SHOW is back in its usual size: 900 exhibitors on 50,000 square meters,
an unprecedented special show, exciting lectures and entertaining live dino acts.

After the fair last year only in reduced size take place and only a first foretaste of the
The magic of the stones” could be given, the mineral days Munich run up now again to old form. Even more: mineral collectors,
Cultural historians and gem dealers are full of anticipation to finally be able to show their treasures again and bring their most beautiful pieces to the fair.

The theme of this year’s special show is “The Magic of Stones” – because it is this magic that also inspires us all and brings us together in Munich. The radiance of native gold, the deep blue of an aquamarine or the complexity of a fluorite – since time immemorial, this glimpse into the geology of the earth has fascinated people. For the MUNICH SHOW, curator, cultural historian and mineral expert Dr. Bernhard Graf goes back many centuries, even millennia: Which minerals were already used by the Egyptians as jewelry and protective stones, in which vessels did the Romans offer their sacrifices to the gods, and from which minerals were the amulets for protection against diseases that the kings in the Renaissance put on their children?

Dr. Bernhard Graf has summarized his scientific observations in a very readable theme book “The Magic of Stones”, which anyone can buy at the Munich Show or in our online store. In it, he spans the arc to modern times – to the beginning of the mineral fairs in Tucson (1955), Saint-Marie-aux-Mines (1962) and in Munich (1964). What once began as a small mineral exchange in the Rhätenhaus restaurant is now Europe’s largest mineral and gemstone fair – THE MUNICH SHOW.


  • Over 900 exhibitors, on more than 50.000 sqm in four exhibition halls
  • Europe’s only trade fair for minerals, fossils, jewelry and gemstones
  • Over 40,000 trade visitors, collectors, families and journalists
  • Unique special exhibitions, exciting lectures
  • Numerous hands-on activities for children, live dino acts and fossils to touch

    The special exhibition in 2022: “The Magic of Stones”

    This year, the special show “Magic of Stones” will feature unique cultural and historical exhibits – cult and art objects from 5,000 years of human history, including:

    • an exact replica of the Vienna Imperial Crown from the private collection of Albert Ruppenthal in Idar-Oberstein
    • a chlorite cup with inlays of shell and carnelian from the Djiroft culture, 3rd millennium B.C., today’s Iran – it shows the fight of a panther against a large snake
    • a Greek ointment vessel made of glass, 6th-4th century B.C.
    • snake and Isis figures, a sphinx necklace from the Egyptian Pharaonic culture, 2134-1323 BC
    • A stone tablet with the mystery cult “Danube Rider” made of galenite in a crystallized redwood tree trunk (age approx. 30 million years) from the Roman Empire, 3rd century AD
    • A royal seal of the Staufer ruler Frederick II from the year 1212/1220
    • A silver-gilt Nordenberg reliquary decorated with opal, carnelian, lapis lazuli and moonstones from the 13th century

    Matching minerals are placed with the cultural-historical treasures that illustrate man’s fascination with stones. On display are top specimens, for example:

    • Halite from the shaft “E. Thälmann”, Merkers, Rhön, Thuringia
    • Rock crystal specimen with hematite from the mountain region west of Vohémar, Madagascar
    • Meteorite (chondrite), Efoud, Er Rachidia, Meknés-Tafilalet, Morocco
    • Sapphire, village Tatyanikha near Miask, Northern Urals, Russia
    • White topaz crystal, Gilgit district, Pakistan
    • Emerald, Pansheer, Afghanistan
    • Exact replicas of world famous diamonds: of the Koh-i Nur (diamond of 108.93 ct.)
    • the “Florentine” (diamond with 137.2 ct) and the “Sancy” (diamond with 55.23 ct)


    Over and over again in the past millennia, people have been fascinated by the brilliance, colors and shapes of crystals, fossils and minerals and have associated them with magical powers. Let yourself be carried away and inspired and marvel at the unique treasures of museums and top collectors.

    In keeping with the occasion, immerse yourself in a world of magical entertainment at the Munich Show. Experience amazing, fascinating magic for young and old. Our “Close up” magician Marco Knott will take you into the realm of magic.

    Exclusive and surprising: incredible tricks, amazing moments and sparkling eyes! “Accio – Marco Knott!”