In the MINERALIENTAGE MÜNCHEN trade fair area, hundreds of exhibitors present extraordinary minerals,
fossils, meteorites and works of art from naturefrom precious, exclusive
collector’s items to small treasures for the first collection.

Learn and experience at the MUNICH SHOW

You can also experience the fascination of natural treasures in our extensive supporting programme:
Whether it’s a special mineralogical show, expert lectures, collector showcases or exciting activities for childrenthe
are a destination for the whole family. Every year, our event team works with special commitment to bring unique natural treasures from all over the world,
which are otherwise kept behind closed doors, to Munich.

Those who want to delve deeper into geological or palaeontological topics will find the right expert for every subject at the MUNICH SHOW:
specialist determinations for minerals or coloured gemstones, meteorite expert meetings, specialist publishers, museums and associations.