Minerals, fossils, meteorites, special interest literature, teaching resources, tools and supplies.


Nowhere else in Europe will you find as many naturals treasures all under one roof as at the Mineralientage.

Passionate collectors, even amateurs and newcomers, will find what they are looking for amongst this magnificent
display of mineral specimens, whether it’s a rhodochrosite, tourmaline, rock crystal, amethyst, solid silver,
malachite, collector’s item, crystal, raw stone or cut stone.

Visitors to the show can also discover a large selection of interior design objects made of stone
or stones for therapy, wellness and beauty applications.


Approximately 250,000 species of plants and animals from the Earth’s 540 million years of geological history have been preserved
as fossils and described and named by scientists.

The MUNICH SHOW presents a large selection of specimens from all over the world.

Here you will find ammonites, petrified plants, petrified wood, amber, dinosaur fossils and petrified fish,
for both personal collections and decorative purposes.


This year’s show also sees exhibitors showcasing treasures of extraterrestrial origin.

Buyers, suppliers and other experts can often be found discussing theories about meteorite
falls or the origin of extraterrestrial rocks.

The stand of the meteorite experts is the place to go if you are interested in meeting these
specialists and joining in their discussions.

Special interest literature, teaching resources, tools and supplies

A large amount of special interest literature is available on the subject of minerals, fossils, meteorites and gemstones.
You will find all the leading special interest publishers at the show.

You can also purchase all the tools and supplies for collecting, cutting and polishing mineral specimens from a range of different exhibitors.
Teaching resources are also available for purchase.