Lecture program

With the “Gemworld Forum” the jewelery section receives its own lecture program in hall B6. You can already look forward to the following topics:

Marco Schreier: “Doing your own business with your own jewelery—Tips & success stories”

If the self-made jewelry finds a rousing sale among friends and acquaintances, it is often the consideration to turn the hobby into a business concept. How to do that and what to look for, you will learn first hand.

Dr. Peter Janowski & Leander Schorr, CEYLONS | MUNICH: “The way from the raw stone from the mine to the faceted CeylonSaphir”

A journey into the highlands to Sri Lanka, known for the finest sapphire deposits worldwide. First-hand insights into mine mining and processing from rough stone to faceted Ceylon sapphire.

Bernhard Bruder, Managing Director of EPI: “Recognizing and Evaluating Gemstone Imitations”

Tom Stephan, German Gemmological Society e.V.: “Inclusions in Gemstones—Aesthetics and Diagnostics”