Designing a new piece of jewelery yourself, reworking an old necklace into a modern choker and bracelet or extending a chain that is too short in a few simple steps: The most important techniques can be learned this year in the Jewelry Workshop of the Munich Show in Hall B5.

Four different workshops show different techniques for jewelery making. But not only beginners can acquire knowledge of jewelry design under professional guidance and take their home-made work home with them. Professionals such as jewelers, for example, also benefit from the traditional knotting technique that is indispensable in the manufacture, reworking or repair of precious pearl necklaces.

The following workshops are offered

Rose quartz or onyx bracelet

Imparting the right technique of threading and knotting to make a bracelet on elastic thread.

Material: rose quartz, onyx, intermediate elements of 925 silver

Pearl bracelet

Learn the traditional knotting technique for making a pearl bracelet. Also suitable for reaching a little more length on an existing chain or reworking a chain to better fit.

Material: pearls, intermediate elements made of 925 silver

Filigree wire necklace

Mediation of the crimping technique for the production of noble and effective chains and bracelets mounted on jewelery wire.

Material: jewelery wire, rose quartz, rock crystal, pearls, intermediate elements made of 925 silver

Earrings and pendant with silver wire

Learn the technique of wirewrapping, with which you can quickly create your own little jewelry.

Material: silver wire, rose quartz, rock crystal, intermediate elements of 925 silver

Fee per course 10 Euro (includes professional instructions, use of all tools and material for the self-made piece of jewelry). Participation possible at any time after prior registration at the info counter. Duration approx. 30 minutes, stand B5.331, hall B5

Unique shopping opportunity

Up-and-coming and professional jewelery designers could fall into a veritable rush of jewelry in Halls B5 and B6: A huge selection of extruded stones and exclusive accessories await trade visitors here at a wide range of retailers. If you would like to get into the jewelery business and have visited one of our workshops, you will have the unique opportunity to acquire everything related to your own jewelery design at the Chili creative stand.

Information for aspiring jewelry designers:

In his lecture “Self-employment with own jewelry—Tips & success stories” Marco Schreier gives an insight into professional jewelery design. If the self-made jewelry finds a rousing sale among friends and acquaintances, it is often the consideration to turn the hobby into a business concept. How to do that and what to look for, you will learn first hand.