The exhibition with 13 grand cameos shows the works of the two gemstone engravers Hans Dieter Roth and Andreas Roth from Idar-Oberstein. Father and son worked together on the creation of the 13 biblical motifs. The raised cut reliefs were created from large agate plates. As banded layered stones these are predestined for the filigree craftsmanship of cameo cutting.

The idea of making large cameos with motifs from the Old and New Testament came to father Hans Dieter Roth after a commissioned work for a Japanese collector. In 2012 he began work on the series, which was continued by his son. In 2020 all 13 grand cameos are now finished. Well-known depictions of biblical scenes served the two gemstone artists as models for their works. They used motifs from the two most famous biblical illustrators of the 19th century: Gustave Doré and Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld.