Where do I start?

Anyone who is interested in collecting, but has no idea where to start, can contact the stands of various minerals clubs on site, such as the “Münchner Mineralienfreunde e.V.”, who are happy to assist with helpful tips. Numerous museums are also represented at the Munich Show, as well as providers of specialist literature and collection accessories, where you can get basic information. Dane-ben is running an extensive supporting program with lectures, films, events and expert discussions on all three days of the fair. The introduction is simplified by the relaxed and familiar atmosphere at the fair, which makes it easy to start a conversation.

Above all, the collector’s cabinets in Hall A5 are a popular meeting place for the exchange of experience and the latest finds. At the same time, the nearly 35 lovingly designed display cases give a nice insight into the diversity and fascination of matter.

But otherwise there is no lack of inspiration when walking through the exhibition halls. At the latest when you enter the “Mineral Pavilion” in Hall A6, where the absolute top objects are presented, some of which can ever cost the price of a detached house in a prime location, it becomes clear what nature can create if they have enough time.

The quick start:

“Remanufactured” Collections There is currently a generational shift among collectors: many collections built in the 1970s and 1980s are now for sale.

At the Munich Show, there are several booths that offer such already “finished” collections. They are especially suitable for group beginners. Also for children there are small setting boxes with beautiful, but not so expensive minerals. This allows the young collectors to get acquainted with the stones and slowly build their own collection.

Three tips, for every beginner:

First, start small.

Whether with a few pieces or minerals in miniature—every famous collector has ever started. At the Munich Show, there are minerals for every budget and in every size.

Second, choose your favorite color.

With the huge selection at the fair the decision is difficult. The best way to focus on the collection: only blue minerals, only from the European area or only minerals of a particular element.

Third, talk to the dealers.

The exhibitors at the Munich Show are always happy to receive interested visitors. They are happy to advise you if you have questions or are looking for entry-level minerals. Best not to buy the first-best stand, but to let the diversity in the halls act on you.