Lecture program

In the lecture area Hall A5 offers a varied program of lectures, Films and events during the Munich Show.

Here is a selection this year’s lectures:

Dr. Bernhard Graf, curator, art historian & freelance author: “Jewels of lost dynasties of Europe”

Jewelery and precious stones have always been considered the insignia of the princes, kings and emperors. Using the example of the ruling houses Habsburg, Wittelsbach, Wettin and Romanow, Dr. Ing. Bernhard Graf, however, that there is more to it than pure splendor, namely princely collector’s passion, depiction of the universe at one’s own ruling court and the promotion of high-quality craftsmanship.

Conversation with Hans Jakob Siber, Fossil Collector & Founder Aathal Dinosaur Museum: “Great moments of a collector’s life”

What is nicer for a collector than to find his own treasures? Hans Jakob Siber has not only found unique fossils during his own excavations, many of them can also be admired in the dinosaur museum Aathal founded by him. In the Forum Minerale he tells of his most important finds and adventurous experiences from more than 60 years of collector’s passion.

Andreas Massanek, head of terra mineralia, Freiberg: “Abraham Gottlob Werner & Siegfried Flach—two important German collector personalities”

Accompanying the presentation in the main feature “Who Gathers, Writes History”, Andreas Massanek presents the life, work and collection of Abraham Gottlob Werner, the founder of scientific mineralogy, and the now 92-year-old Siegfried Flach with his collection of more than 6,000 objects from Erzgebirgs- Minerals before.

Dieter Heinlein, meteorite expert: “The Stubenberg Meteorite, a case for the museum”

The “Stubenberg” belongs to the premier class of meteorites due to the photographic documentation of the Fall 2016 and the quick find of the well-preserved main mass. With a donation campaign he is now to be bought for the RiesKraterMuseum. Dieter Heinlein introduces the 7th Bavarian meteorite again and explains its peculiarity.

Dieter Heinlein, meteorite expert: “Renchen—the first meteorite fall in Baden-Württemberg”

Prof. Albert Gilg, Department of Engineering Geology TU Munich: “The Gothic English Crown in the Treasury of the Munich Residence”

Andrea Schmalzl, Educationalist & Child Psychologist: “Promoting Concentration and Creativity with Gemstones—Tips & Tricks for Parents”

The topic Gems opens a fantastic world for every child. At the same time, these miracles of nature are excellently suited to increase with fun and creativity the most different competencies, such as concentration, endurance and fine motor skills. Get suggestions for the whole family and give your child the opportunity to let the imagination run free and at the same time to master the everyday school life.