Special Exhibition Fossils

All fossil fans can look forward to a real highlight this year: The sauropod baby “Toni” is the best preserved specimen of a young long-necked dinosaur and is one of the sensational discoveries of paleontology.

“Toni” will be on display as part of the collection of the renowned paleontologist Hans Jakob Siber, to whom this year’s special show is dedicated. We owe him important findings about the excavation of dinosaurs, their research and the associated knowledge transfer in more than 60 years of collecting passion.

Incidentally, the young dinosaur “Toni” and its herd were presumably caught by a huge mudslide about 150 million years ago and buried in just a few seconds, which is why his skeleton is so well preserved. In addition to information about the life of “Toni” and his conspecifics are in the special show in Hall A4 to admire other highlights of the collection, some of which were never seen in public!