Special Exhibition Alpin

Blasting has a long tradition in Switzerland. In the Alps, various minerals such as smoky quartz, mountain crystal or fluorite are hidden. For generations, adventurers have gone to dizzying heights in search of these crystals.

Under the motto “Who collects, writes history”, this year’s special Alpine show shows selected objects of famous Swiss spotlights and tells their story: from the Swiss mineralogist and collector David Friedrich Wiser (1802—1878) about the three generations of the Curschellas family from Sedrun to to the golden age of the “extreme radiators” in the 70s—90s: family von Känel, Dosi Venzin and Paul & Romeo Membrini. As a representative of the young generation of emitters, Lukas von Känel and Patrick Reith show their collection and finds of the present.