Special Exhibition Minerals

Whoever collects, writes history. Under this beautiful theme, the main special show in Hall A6 this year presents the diversity, motivation and fulfillment of mineral collection. Representing the many private and institutional collectors of the present, the past and in all countries of the world, masterpieces from ten renowned collections show the collection of collectors from element to locality and color to value or aesthetics.

All of these collectors invest a lot of time and energy in their passion to preserve, catalog and make the minerals available to the public.

Among others, unique copper minerals from the collection Thomas Weilands, Elbaite by Federico Pezotta or miniatures from the collection of Malte Sickinger can be admired. While mineral photography is also of great importance to him, Fabian Wildfang runs an extraordinary museum in Müllheim am Rhein, from which he brings highlights to Munich.