The collector showcase consignors 2023

Sep 25, 2023

This year, the collector showcases are celebrating their 30th anniversary at the Munich Show. For many visitors, the lovingly designed showcases are an integral part of the show and a highlight of a visit to the fair. Here you can quickly get into conversation, exchange ideas among colleagues and find inspiration for your own collection.

We are very pleased to be able to continue the tradition of awarding prizes for the most beautiful collector’s display case on the occasion of our anniversary. In a public vote, all visitors are called upon to cast their vote on site by Saturday evening, October 28, 6:00 pm. The award for the most beautiful showcase will then be presented on Sunday morning.

For the first time, there will also be dedicated Alpine collector showcases!

We would like to thank this year’s entrants for their participation and the strenuous preparations:

Collectors Showcases

A5.SV 1Tino Mauksch | GermanyAgates, locality Al Hama Morocco
A5.SV 2Luigi Mariani | ItalySemi-Precious Gems
A5.SV 3Felix Benz | GermanyCollector’s offspring window quartz double-terminated mountain crystals, calcite crystals
A5.SV 4Ronald Böck | AustriaQuartz crystals, Erongo region, Namibia
A5.SV 5Nicole Dörr | AustriaIron pebbles (red quartz) from Morocco (Izizauen, Tinjad, Errachida Province)
A5.SV 6Johann Holzmann | AustriaThundereggs (Baker Eggs) aus Hermanas New Mexico
A5.SV 7Markus Varga | AustriaGalerite from Austria and Romania
A5.SV 8Paul und Antonie Weghorn | GermanyCalcite from Germany and Southern Europe
A5.SV 9Mateusz Szczepanik | PolandA brief history of Pb-2n mining in the upper Silesia area
A5.SV 10Walter A. Weber | GermanyThe mineral collector Archduke Stephan of Austria and “his” mineral: Stephanite
A5.SV 11Edgar Müller | GermanyMineral specimens in original and drawn in acrylic
A5.SV 12Lutz Püschel | Germanytbd
A5.SV 13Wolfgang Teufel | GermanyMineral finds from Portugal
A5.SV 14Joachim Hörth | GermanyIron ore deposit, Kahlenberg near Ringsheim
A5.SV 15Thorsten Jacob | GermanySedimentary Agates International
A5.SV 16Franz Maginot | GermanyAgates – Worldwide
A5.SV 17Wolfgang Napp | AustriaStromatolites from the Palatinate – fossils with aesthetics
A5.SV 18Dominik Seidel | GermanyTheme SiO2-2 elements, 1000 possibilities – from agate to twins
A5.SV 19Klaus Ludwig | GermanyBavarian Classics – Quartz from Northern Bavarian Sites
A5.SV 20Roland Andree | GermanyFieldfinds from Berschweiler near Kirn, Rhineland-Palatinate (mainly agates)
A5.SV 21Stefan Kaserer | GermanyPaul Schäfer – The incredible stories of the MMeV youth group.
A5.SV 22Reiner Augsten | Germanytbd
A5.SV 23Joachim Dietrichs | GermanyMinerals and Mining of St. Andreasberg, Part 2
A5.SV 24Maik Schlosser | GermanyMorocco Agates: Spectacular Old & New Finds
A5.SV 25Georg Unterrainer | ItalyPhoto of Micros and Minerals Theme “Small vs. Large
A5.SV28Jens Kucharski |GermanyGastropods from the Dogger of the ICE construction site Kinding
A5.SV 29Fabian Roessler | GermanyFossils and Helmintholite from the Karwendel Mountains
A5.SV 30Robert Hauser | GermanyCampanile snail from the Old Tertiary of Untersberg
A5.SV 31Jens Schmidt | GermanyPetrified wood from Germany
A5.SV 32Tobias Klöck | GermanyFossils from the Allgäu
A5.SV 33Dietrich Mayer | GermanySelected exhibits from the Juchem quarry, Niederwörresbach
A5.SV 34Manuel Lindner | GermanyOn fossil hunt in Lower Bavaria
A5.SV 35Paul Jaspers | GermanyMinerals & fossils, as well as macro photographs of the siblings Franz and Paul Jaspers
A5.SV 36Fabian Weiß | GermanyFossils from the “Pyrite Bank” of Buttenheim

Alpine Collectors Showcases

SVA1Andreas Bulla | GermanyAlpine Flourites
SVA2Hari Prasad Timsina | NepalAlpine Minerals from Nepal
SVA3Hannes Hofer | AustriaAlpine Minerals
SVA4Claudia & Andreas Steiner | AustriaEmeralds from Habachtal
SVA6Levon Strauß Levon | AustriaCollectors Minerals from Austria
SVA7Peter Gilber | AustriaAlpine Titanites